Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

KDOT makes a funny.

I know this wasn't intentional, as government has no sense of humor, but this BOLD caption at the bottom of the KDOT bicycle guide caught my eye.


Emphasis and underscoring mine. I just thought that was humorous even though its true.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's long overdue but google maps finally has bike support. You can now plan routes via bike. Thank you google!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First ride of the year

I just did my first ride of the year. My new route to work is longer this year as I moved and my commute is now longer but I feel much better at the end of the ride to/from work. I actually feel like I got a decent workout. 

And I hereby encourage all Wichita road cyclists that may stumble upon this blog to go and sign up at! I use their mapmyride+ app on my iPhone and it's great! Much nicer than my cateye. Although I still use the cateye for monitoring my heart rate. But the mapmyride app does everything else including showing elevation with google maps. It's really a great app. I created a group for Wichita riders called... Wait for it... "Wichita riders". So gogogogo sign up and join the group so we can all train together and exchange rides and routes! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While I have no use for twitter and think it's an incredibly stupid and asinine waste of time, I was impressed by Lance Armstrong's use of it and the result!

Check out this link for his use of twitter and what happened. Very cool indeed. I am so jealous. I miss Ireland something fierce too.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rumors of my death are GREATLY exagerated...

I realize it's been a loooong time since I posted. Life happens. I was elected master of my lodge this year so that sucked up a lot of the little free time I had. I spent my birthday and St. Patrick's day in Ireland. And my personal life has been busy lately. I always scan John's blog though every so often.
And would like to get back into joining up with John and other readers to do some rides.
My hours are horrible. I work 3pm-11pm M,T,We,F, and S. Thursday nights I have lodge at 7-9'ish.
But I would bike to lodge if people were willing to ride after I got out that late at night. :)

I am realllly needing to increase my riding. It does nothing for your figure but it's my heart I worry about. I need to keep it healthy :) So what is the current state of group rides these days?
I wish you all safe biking!! and no flats.

P.S. for those interested I have put up some of my Ireland photos if you want to take a look.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Am I dead yet?

First I want to thank John for hosting his monthly ride. I had a really good, even if somewhat painful, time on this ride! Wind + Distance == EVIL! John is a great guy and I encourage everyone to come out and ride on future rides. I was able to see a part of wichita I had never been exposed too. I rode a route I had never been on and it was really nice scenery. I curse the Kansas wind. I curse it in every known language and even some unknown! Seriously, can we install a win break around the city? Is that really asking too much? Don't answer that. 

Thanks again John for a well spent Sunday afternoon, and a very good ride! Hopefully you handled the wind better than I did. I am pretty spent. I am too run down to move. I should make something to eat but can't get off my bed. It's so soft and cozy. I tried to get my dog to go to Walmart and get me some roast beef and bread but she just tilted her head and blinked at me. I don't think she grasps the concept of "I am dying and need sustenance". Silly dog. 

This post is a mess of rambling. I'm just wiped from the ride to and from. I will force myself to get to the store and when I get back post my stats. I forgot to start my cycle computer a few times so it didn't count a few miles but I will post those stats when I get back.